We, the family, drove up to Suffolk yesterday, caravan on tow, to spend the weekend having some quality time together. That was the plan anyway. Having two teenage children means that plans don’t always work out the way you want them to.

This morning daughter says “Can we go to Aldeburgh today, they have fantastic tasting ice cream”. (We’ve previously visited). There were no objections, so off we set.

Son: “How long is it going to take to get there?”

Husband: “As long as it takes”

Daughter, smacking her lips together: “But it’ll be worth it”

Aldeburgh is a former Tudor port on the coast. Some of it’s buildings date back to the sixteenth century and it was once the home of composer Benjamin Britten. It is very picturesque and definitely a tourist attraction.

We walked along the promenade with the dog and back through the high street to partake of our ice cream treat. Daughter was right, it was delicious.

Back to the car and we drove further up the coast to Southwold. Another beautiful seaside town with a sandy beach, beach huts and a pier; plenty of eateries and independent stores. We visited a French cafe bar and sat in the outside area to eat lunch. This is where things started to go downhill. Son was getting fed up with walking around, and generally felt we were wasting the day. He wanted to go back to the caravan site to swim.

Daughter: “Get off me!”

Son: “What?”

Daughter: “You keep touching my hair!”

Son: “I’m looking at the blond bits on the ends”

Daughter: “Well don’t, it’s my hair, leave it alone!”

And so they went on, bickering for what seemed like an absolute age. The trouble with children of a certain age is they think they know it all. If you intervene you suffer their wrath followed by tremendous sulking and pouting. Then again, if you let the argument run its course, the end result it the same! Husband verbally bangs their heads together and we eat lunch in silence.

Travelling back in the car, they both fell asleep.


Son: “Right, can we go swimming now?”

Daughter: “No, I don’t want to, it’ll be too cold”

Feeling my son’s frustration, I tried to persuade daughter to go, but she was not budging. Grrrr!

Mum to the rescue: “Come on, let’s go for a bike ride”

Guess what? Daughter agreed to do that! I’m sure she deliberately sets out to upset her brother whenever she can. Having said that, son does the same.

Bike ride complete, I’m knackered. Kids are actually getting on again.

What are the odds of it lasting all evening?

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