Castle on the Hill

Framlingham Castle is the castle Ed Sheeran refers to in his song ‘Castle on the Hill’. We visited last weekend while we were camping in the area. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it dates back to the 12th century, and is where Mary Tudor was proclaimed Queen of England. Numerous little princesses were delicately running around, whilst the young knights were protecting the grounds from imaginary enemies threatening to takeover the castle. We successfully managed to dodge the arrows and took a stroll, taking in the enormity of the walls and towers which during their reign would have been seriously imposing.

The village of Framlingham focusses around a central square which still looks ‘oldy worldy’. Traditional and modern businesses have taken residence in the Tudor buildings, one in particular being St Elizabeth Hospice charity shop which is supported by Ed with his donations of clothes and jewellery. The small car park in the middle spoils it a bit, but you can imagine in centuries gone by elegant carriages being drawn by magnificent horses and the aristocracy disembarking to partake of the luxurious food and decor of the Crown Hotel.

A lovely day had by all. Quality time with the family, if you forget about the ‘can we go now?’ comments from Son, and the ‘do we have to?’ remarks from Daughter; but let’s not go there, just for once we’ll remain in my fantasy world of Queens and Princesses, handsome knights and court jesters, goblets of red wine chinking and copious amounts of rich food.

With a quick curtsey, I bid you farewell; I can hear the musicians playing.